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Welcome to Falshaw Homes!

Falshaw Homes started back in 1982, but the first two properties that Granville Falshaw built were prior to starting a building company as a full time business venture. Granville has a feel and understanding to all his self build clients as that is where he started from. Over the years he has built no less than 6 of his own homes and is always looking for improvement and to use the latest ideas when cost allows!


Falshaw Homes (Design & Construction Services) came about just after the housing recession. The company realised that there were many people that would like to build their own home but maybe did not have the expertise, time or the confidence to go ahead with the project.

They set up their "Self Build" contract system that fixes the cost of the build for their customers. The build is financed and paid for by the customer in stage payments as the project progresses. This system has been very successful and over the last several years. Falshaw Homes have assisted in building over "60 homes" for their clients on a "Self Build" fixed contract basis.


Falshaw Homes have won several national awards, having been nominated by their customers in the last 20 years. Falshaw Homes offer an in house design service that can produce your plans and submit to your local authority.

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