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Architectural Services

Falshaw Homes is able to offer several levels of consulting service to the ‘Self Builder’


1) Free informal advice on any aspect that we can help with over the phone or e-mail, the phone is generally better as it is often difficult to explain many aspects properly by e-mail.


2) Initial budgeting and feasibility advice £150.00 + expenses ½ Day


For the self builder who would like to know more in depth information about undertaking a self build project and to highlight the main areas that require more study and investigation to determine if self build is the best way forward.


Main benefits of this are that with an initial small investment you could potentially save £1000’s by using our expertise and experience and avoid making costly mistakes.


3) Full project control information advice £200.00 + expenses Full Day


All the aspects of ‘Initial budgeting and feasibility’ and then discussion and planning on the chosen method of self build –


Aspects of a physical self build (own labouring ext.)


Self managed with supply and labour of sub contractors


Single contractor.


Project manager.


And all aspects relevant to planning your own project.

The benefits of this full service are just as prevalent as the ‘Initial budgeting and feasibility advice’ but take the aspects of the total project costs and planning that again could have excellent potential savings.


‘Expenses’ is used to define any costs that would be incurred travelling to the place ware you wished to meet other than the offices of Falshaw Homes in Stafford.


When we use the word” savings” what we are referring to the potential of money not wasted on materials and labour by way of inefficient project planning. A self-builder can easily go over budget by errors made due to inexperience. We aim to minimise these occasions by sharing our expertise. We also help our clients understand the possible choices of design and materials used in construction and how they impact on costings so that they can make an informed choice.


We aim to minimise the number of mistakes that will be made, it would be unrealistic of us to claim that you will not make any! Even the professional builders make mistakes.


Services that Falshaw Homes offer the self-builder  –


1) Consulting


2) Design and Planning


3) Build.


Registered NHBC (National House Building Council) Builder



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Current Projects

3 bedroom Dorma Bungalow- Stafford.


This is a repeat customer as was built there last home, 13 years ago.