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Example plans

Please feel free to browse through the plans in this library. The amount of detail on each set of plans has been reduced to make the library file smaller.  If you like any of the house plans you can print them.


We do offer a full bespoke design service that starts at £4000.00 + any fees payable and VAT for a full set of working drawings, submitted to your local authority for planning and building control approval.


This would include one site visit with in one and a half hours travelling time of Stafford, additional time over that is charged at £40.00 per hour





Falshaw Homes offers a fixed price contract system to their self build clients. This facility offers a great deal of security to the self builder, as it removes the worry of over spending on a project and  being unable to finish it in full.


To assist the potential self builders to get an idea of the costs involved and to see if they can afford to build their own home, Falshaw Homes currently use a guide price of £100 sq foot (£1184 sq mt) for possible builds in Staffordshire. This amount gives a good guide price for a fully completed dwelling built and finished to a high standard.


This guide price tends to work for homes that start around 1800 sq feet. Unfortunately the smaller the property the higher the price per foot! As you can not build a 1000 sq foot house for half the price of a 2000 sq foot house!

Examples -

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