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Land values


Self building has become restrictive in some areas now due to the cost of plots of land in some parts of the country.


In Stafford, good plots of land are rare, so when one does come available they often start about £130,000 but have been sold for as much as £250,000 for a single plot of around 700 sq mt.


This can make the self-build option out of reach for many potential self-builders, as they just do not have that sort of budget to work with.

Bargain land sales

There is not really such a thing as a real bargain, unless you are exceptionally lucky.


What we would like to do though is bring to your attention the fact that there are several firms out there that are trying to get you to invest in land that has not yet got planning permission! We have had several calls from individuals that have been tempted to invest in their sites.


Please consider it very carefully; their sites are generally nowhere near any development area is or is likely ever to be!


Generally if you look at how the plots have been split up, you will also see there is no space for roads and the necessary infrastructure. It is temping but please please take advice before sending any money off.


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