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The design and planning stage of your project are very important, and it is vital that from the outset of your project that you set about finalising your budget.


This is what most people still have to live with, and work within!


Quite often we will be asked about the cost of building a home, and if you are new to the concept of building your own home you probably would have no idea of the costs involved.


It is important to get a general price guide for your area so that you know how to apportion your budget between land and house! Here in Staffordshire where Falshaw Homes is based we currently are working on a budget amount of £110 sq ft (£1184 sq mt)


One of the three services that Falshaw homes offers is the ‘Design & Planning’ stage, this requires some patience and it can some times be difficult for the client to verbalise exactly what they are after! Don’t worry though as with our experience we should get there in the end.


Often looking at existing house plans will help you to visualise what it is that you are looking for.


We also have clients that come to us with very clear ideas of what they are looking for and just need someone to fill in the practical and technical detail.

Example Plans