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Types of self-build


What do people mean when they say ‘SELF BUILD’?


It can mean any thing from doing almost all the physical work yourself right to the other end of the scale by just deciding to get someone to build a house to your own design.


Here are some simple definitions-


1) Doing most of the physical work your self over several months to years.


2) Managing the project by supplying the majority of the materials and contracting in labour only.


3) Manage the project and organising subcontractors who supply and fix the materials.


4) Employ a project manager who will oversee the project on your behalf, organising the site and subcontractors to whatever level you require.


5) Engage a single contractor who will be totally responsible for all aspects of the project from start to finish after spending some time getting the detail sorted out for the build contract (also best to make it a fixed priced contract)


6)Instruct a package company to undertake the process for you, this option would normally include the design and planning stages.


The above are not fixed in concrete like your footings would be! You should be able to find the right level of involvement that is right for you.  



What can Falshaw Homes do for you?


For those who are attracted by the idea of determining their own living environment, but feel they lack the necessary skills to process the project, or perhaps are fully employed just getting from day to day in their chosen career, help is at hand.


A project manager is someone who will supervise the whole exercise from giving advice on locating the land, obtaining planning permission, through to fitting of the last light bulb, the planting of the last shrub. The beauty of employing a main controller is not only that he takes the strain, but you will avoid the burden of VAT that would normally accrue were you to do it yourself.


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